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We aspire be the most creative, results-achieving integrated marketing communications company in Ghana that is internationally-recognized by way of targets achieved and prestigious awards won. We succeed when our Clients succeed. Here are some of our outcomes.


Responsive Web Design

 Our prime aim for creating a great website is impact. We strategize, design and deliver delightful digital experiences to achieve results for our clients, through visually stunning and functional website design, web 
applications, and digital marketing.


Digital Advertising

Effective online communication strategies allow you to engage with consumers through social media marketing tools like Facebook or Twitter, learn valuable opinions through customer reviews or utilize customized display advertising to address specific wants and needs.


Photography is the development of the techniques and arts of producing picture and images that are called as photographs. It is considered as the most important part of the modern life as it is used to capture the images of people and nature. Photographs also act as personal memories, means of identification, travel photography and for public event. Thus it is very essential to incorporate photography techniques that are used in the field of architecture, products and fashion. Photography is a very difficult thing to learn and there are different techniques that can be very helpful for the photographers.

Foreign Language Translation

Staying at the forefront of translation technology and monitoring closely international industry developments allows grinscom to provide value to our clients with quality work at competitive rates to ensure longterm relationships are made and kept.


Graphic Design

Need help creating a fabulous brochure or other printing project? Our expert designers are ready to help you dress up that project for a beautiful result. How can we help you today?

Media Law

Grins Law is a leading media law firm whose lawyers combine the in-depth legal knowledge and breadth of expertise and experience required to give unparalleled advice to their clients.

Since 2008, Grins law has represented individuals and organisations across a wide variety of sectors, providing quality advice which is commercially focussed and personally delivered. Specialist lawyers in leisure, media and entertainment work closely alongside the firm's brands, models, artiste and dispute resolution groups to provide a truly bespoke service to its clients.

Grins Law has worked hard for its success, but the recipe is simple: expert lawyers with detailed knowledge of their clients advising in areas of show business to which they are all dedicated.