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Social Media

Imagine how social media is getting all the attention. At least 3 out of 5 people uses a social network to share ideas and connect to friends and family. Doing business or communicating now takes full advantage of this affordable means. At #GrinsCom we have a dedicated team who will push your brand directly to your demographic consumers directly.

Social media works hand-in-hand with other, more traditional SEO strategies. Where SEO is about building a solid structure on which customers and search engines can navigate your content, social media marketing is about sharing that content and giving customers a reason to interact with you.

Building a community and managing social engagement isn’t always easy, especially when it feels like a new social platform is “bringing in all the cool kids,” and if “you’re not on it you’ll never generate results.”

The truth is that with a good plan and a lot of persistence even small companies can use a few social channels to really improve their results.

Social media has to be about more than occasionally sharing a link. In order to really be successful, it has to be about engaging with a community and becoming the voice of the truly concerned and actually knowledgeable. Your customers should feel like this is a direct line to the people in charge.

In a small business, this can actually be the case.